Friday, October 26, 2007

The Dangerous Rays

The studies showed that ultraviolet light has emerged as the most important factor in skin ageing. It it now beyond dispute that the rate and degree to which it wrinkles, fine lines and sagging or develops cancerous lesions depends largely on its level of exposure to UV rays.

The sun emits rays of varying wavelengths. Physicists divide its ultraviolet rays into A - the longer, more lethargic length, B - which are shorter and more energetic, and C - which are frenetic that it has the power to mutate the DNA of all living things. (Happily, the ozone layer still filters out almost all UVC since if much of it got through it would actually threaten life on earth.)

Both UVA and UVB reach the earth's surface and are a menance to our skin. UVB is often called the "burning" ray as it is primarily responsible for the visible and sometimes very painful effects of sunburn. It also dries out our skin and most importantly increase our risk of skin cancer.

UVA is often known as the 'ageing' ray because it generally causes the wrinkling and sagging that, as little as 15 years ago, were thought of as the natural, and inevitable part of the ageing process.

Today we have to thanks to all our skincare experts, it's possible to treat such problems by using the proper skincare treatment.

Skin problems

Working in an air-conditioned office makes our skin dull and dry over time. Hence, wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin are just some of the things we have to deal with as we age. Or should we ? Thanks to recent breakthroughs and research, skincare experts are now telling us that it's possibleo care for our skin in such a way it'll look younger and glow longer - and that we can actually delay the signs of ageing provided that we keep ourselves informed of what lifestyle factors to avoid, watch our for and maintain. But besides from staying away from the sun and having a proper skincare regime, what else can one do to smoothen wrinkles, fine lines and sagging ? Constantly exloring the background behind the research, getting tips from our dermatologist, and looking into suitable treatment and skincare products are som of the things that can help us make the right and informed choice.